This is the first time I have started a blog, so I ask for your patience and encouragement as I move forward into unknown waters.

As you can see by the name, I will be focusing on new ideas, concepts and proposals to bring a creative, innovative and “smart” approach to our growth in Georgetown.  As an Architect, I have always been a supporter of growth in Texas and I think it’s great that Georgetown has significantly benefited from that growth.

My parents moved to Georgetown (Old Town) back in 1988 when the population was in the teens.  I remember how Mom and Dad enjoyed and supported businesses on the Square and Southwestern University.

When Austin started to grow north back in the 90’s, Round Rock and Pflugerville began to aggressively attract all the businesses they could.  I remember visiting Mom & Dad and talking about how Georgetown was “smart” and more selective in the growth they supported…which I strongly feel helped protect the historic character and uniqueness that we all enjoy today.  I find it interesting that Round Rock is now spending millions of dollars around their downtown area…trying to re-create their sense of history and character.  I wish them luck.

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